Friday, 16 May 2014

Bio poem

is friendly, nice, respectful
loves, playing, sports , cooking, games
son of Peata and Oka
Loves dad and mum
sometimes feels and happy,surprise
scared of mirror,dolls.
Is proud of his certificates spelling contest
wanted to see my papa but he died and my Nana.
lives in kaikohe
tuna is the number one standing for last man standing


  1. Hey Ezekiel I liked your BIO Poem but I think you need to stop playing with the colour of the font.
    And fix up mirror to mirrors.
    Your cool

  2. Hi Ezekiel your BIO Poem is soo cool but I agree with Kiana you should stop playing with the colour of the font.Nice job

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  3. Kia ora Ezekiel from Mrs Morgan-French. I was just wondering if you ever got to meet your papa? I never met either of my papa's because they both died before I was born and I often wished I had. I also agree with you - Tuna is number 1.